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From the age of three months, babies are given new experiences according to their individual needs. At this young age, babies learn through their senses.


Sounds, smells, physical contact, singing, games and talking to your baby are vital as well as encouraging physical skills for crawling, standing and walking.


Enjoying early games such as peek-a-boo, clapping and finding hidden objects will all be part of your baby's daily play. There will be opportunities for one-to-one interaction with nursery staff and other children. Depending on the weather, babies will spend time outside playing in the garden.


When babies are approximately one year old they will begin to experiment with natural materials i.e. water and sand (wet and dry) as well as discovering the pleasures of playdough and paint - closely supervised of course; they will also be introduced to simple puzzles. These activities will occur on a regular basis either in the morning or the afternoon depending on the routines etc. of the individual children.


We have a timetable of activities within our baby rooms but this is very flexible due to the age span within the rooms. Within this timetable will be incorporated play with both large and small equipment, art and craft activities as mentioned above, stories and familiarisation with picture books, and music activities e.g. musical instruments, singing/dancing etc.


We aim to follow your baby's own feeding and sleeping routines. We have nappy changing times throughout the day and of course babies are changed in between these times whenever necessary.


Our staff are very committed and dedicated to the development of the babies and children in our care and are ever sensitive to their needs

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