Clever Tots Day Nursery

Crescent/Juction Road

Brentwood, Essex.

CM14 5JR

Tel: 01277 849681


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Welcome to my blog


Here you can keep up with the latest news and events from the nursery...

Welcome to our new website!

By parenta, Jul 6 2015 10:57AM

Here you can keep up with the latest news/events at the nursery

Apr 19 2016 01:13PM by Catherine allen

Hello. Could you tell me when I should put my sons name down for a placement please he will be three years old on 26th November

Many thanks

Jul 9 2017 12:48PM by Osasu Okunwa


I would like to know the process to register my son with you guys ,who will be 3 years old by January 2018 so please me know what i should do now that i want him to start preNursery now.Give me a call or email 07405463653

Dec 21 2017 07:53AM by Indre Grybauskaite

Hello, would like to register my son who is 2. Would like to know how it works? If you could give me a call please 07446727217

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